Darrell Lea Bilby is back

every one sold 20c goes to

You love bilbies ... and so do we

You asked and we listened. We’re very excited to bring back the Darrell Lea milk chocolate Bilby.

In 2022, a limited number of our famous milk chocolate Bilbies will make their way onto Woolworths shelves.

Even better every chocolate Bilby you buy helps raise money for the Save the Bilby Fund. 20 cents from every purchase will help the national breeding program and support the Save The Bilby Fund’s mission to have 10,000 Bilbies in the population by 2030.

We dream of saving Bilbies from extinction in our lifetimes and helping has never been more delicious, made with our smooth and creamy milk chocolate.

A Long partnership

A Lasting legacy

We’re proud that way back in 1999 we first partnered with the Save the Bilby Fund to begin helping protect these wonderful Australian animals from extinction.

And this year we are proud to be back. We have a vision to have the Bilby safe from extinction in our lifetimes.

20 cents from every Bilby sold this year goes to the Save the Bilby Fund.

Saving the bilby with a safe sanctuary

The money raised will help support the National Breeding Program and Facility along with the National Recovery team. Something we’re proud to be a part of.

The Save the Bilby Fund is a not-for-profit, non-government organisation dedicated to the conservation of Bilbies.

Significance to Australia

Bilby ancestors have been found as fossilised remains dating back 15 million years which make them a very special species. They have been an intrinsic part of the landscape across 70% of the Australian mainland for all that time.

Bilbies are now only found in small areas in the Northern Territory, Western Australia and South West Queensland. Until recently, Australia had two species of Bilbies the Greater Bilby and the Lesser Bilby. The Lesser Bilby is already believed to be extinct. The Greater Bilby is the largest member of the bandicoot family.

Bilbies are a scientific ‘flagship’ species. This means that their protection is even more important because they’re survival in turn increases the chances of 16 other threatened species and countless others who share the same habitats and threatening processes in the wild. Bilbies are one of nature’s eco engineers, they play a really important part in the restoration of soil and rejuvenation of vegetation in arid Australia.

Saving the Bilby from extinction also means saving other native species plus it will help restore the critically important ecosystems at play in arid Australia.

How can you help?

Eat chocolate! Well eat one of our chocolate Bilbies.

You can also learn more and donate directly

at savethebilbyfund.com.au

We are really excited to be working with Darrell Lea again as a major fund-raising partner for Save The Bilby Fund. The funds raised by Darrell Lea selling Australian made chocolate Bilbies will enable us to continue the important Bilby conservation work that we are doing.

Save The Bilby Fund – Sara Mansfield

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Have some fun making masks with downloadable arts and crafts. Learn all about the greater Bilby in the fact sheets and keep the kids busy with lots of other activites.

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