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Growing the communitiesthat grow our treats.

The raw ingredients sourced by Darrell Lea are sustainable, so we're part of building communities for a better world.

Here at Darrell Lea, we bring together generations of imagination and traditional lolly shop craft to create something special in every bite.

there issomethingspecialin everybite

See how we createthe good stuff.

It's all thelittle thingsthat add up to givea unique experienceworth sharing

Every delicious Darrell Lea treat is filled with yummy, crunchy, gooey, chewy bits to bring a smile to your day.

100% Australian Made

Darrell Lea combs the world collecting fantastic flavours. With all the good stuff we find, we make confectionery magic. Discover old favourites and new loves right here!

Darrell Lea has beeninventing&re-inventingchallengingdiscoveringfor almosta century

Crafted in Australia,by Australians, for Australians

Darrell Lea has been making Australia's finest chocolates, freshest liquorice and most delectable confectionery since 1927. Our most famous creation is soft-eating liquorice, invented in a small factory under the iconic arches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

We've beenaroundthe block

Every little thingin a Darrell Lea treatis made for thatmoment of'Mmmm.'

With more than 90 years of practice,it's only natural we'd pick up a thing or fifty about making Australia's favourite treats. From a humble family business to fabulous Aussie icon, it's been a wild journey with lots of yummy moments along the way!

Let us tell you a tale..