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Darrell Lea makes more than 40,000km of liquorice a year, enough to wrap around the earth

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Packet of Batch37 Fresh Liquorice

Darrell Lea Black Liquorice

Plant-based and made with natural flavours and no preservatives, our delicious liquorice is both tasty and wholesome!

Rich in antioxidants

Darrell Lea Black Liquorice

Made with top-quality molasses, our black liquorice contains 75% more antioxidants than blueberries!

Darrell lea makes 55 million allsorts pieces every year. Put end to end these would stretch from Sydney to Melbourne!

Allsorts are delicious chewy candy stripes, layered with smooth liquorice which contains real liquorice root extract – used for centuries for its medicinal benefits.

Darrell Lea has a slightly different view of the world

Darrell Lea has beeninventing&re-inventingchallengingdiscoveringfor almosta century.

Harry Lea created his famous black liquorice in 1957. In truth it was an accident, as one of his liquorice batches went wrong! Darrell Lea’s Batch 37 Fresh Soft Liquorice is the current day version of that very recipe ...

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