You may not think about it when you're grocery shopping, but you have the power tocreate meaningful change, through the products you purchase.

Your choicescan changethe world.

This is especiallytrue when it comesto palm oil.

Did you knowpalm oil is foundin roughly50%of all supermarket products?

This hidden ingredientmay not directly change your life, but the unsustainable production of palm oil is destroying somebody else's.

To make way for new palm oil plantations, rain forests in southeast Asia are being cleared at a rate equal to 300 football fields every hour to keep up with demand. With thisrelentless destruction comes the loss of irreplaceable habitat, wildlife endangerment and massive carbon emissions.

The choices you make at the checkout can quite literally change this.

The switch toSunflower oil

Removing palm oil and its derivatives from the Darrell Lea range was a huge task that took almost two years.

We reviewed over 200 ingredients

We have replaced 100% of palm oil with sunflower oil across Darrell Lea branded treats.

Whycan't I seepalm oilin theingredients?

Australian labelling laws don't require products to specify exactly what oils they contain, so it's quite tricky to make an informed decision. Often the term 'vegetable oil' is used to disguise the real ingredient.

Our aim is to have all of our packaging updated by March 2021.

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