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At Darrell Lea, we have a strong focus on our customer's needs. We pride ourselves on excellence in the manufacturing of fine quality confectionery. Our company is committed to continuous improvement, so our products consistently satisfy the needs and wants of our customers. This is why, here at Darrell Lea, we strongly value the customer feedback that we receive. We would love to hear from you with any suggestions, feedback or to help with any questions you may have.


Most of our block and chocolate products do not contain gluten. Due to shared equipment with some gluten ingredients, we cannot make a gluten free claim on our products.

Liquorice products are made from wheat flour and therefore contain gluten.

As some of our products such as Peanut Brittle, Rocklea Road and Block products contain peanuts or treenuts, we cannot make a nut free claim on our products due to them running on shared equipment.

Our Liquorice, Bullets and Sugar Coated do not contain peanut or tree nuts.

Although we take extreme care during changeovers, we cannot guarantee the site and equipment to be nut free.

Our Liquorice except for Allsorts are made from all plant-based ingredients and are therefore vegan suitable. Allsorts contain gelatine making them unsuitable for vegetarians.

Both our Milk and Dark chocolate contain dairy ingredients such as milk powder and butter oil therefore our Blocks and other chocolate products are vegetarian suitable but not vegan suitable.

Darrell Lea only has a few products that are not vegetarian suitable. As a general rule, any products with marshmallow would not be vegetarian suitable as they contain gelatine.

Please read the ingredient list and gelatine will be called out if the product contains it.

We do not have Halal certification on our finished products. Most of the ingredients we use are Halal but this is something we cannot control.

Our Liquorice products are Kosher certified.

Chocolate products contain dairy ingredients therefore they do not qualify for Kosher certification.

All Darrell Lea much-loved products such as Liquorice, Rocklea Road and Bullets are made right here in Australia at our Ingleburn, NSW site from scratch using traditional recipes to preserve the Darrell Lea heritage.

In the case of our Blocks range, some of the key ingredients are sourced from overseas. We therefore cannot state that these particular products are ‘made in Australia’ due to legal requirement within the Food Industry.

Our Blocks are indeed created, blended, moulded and proudly transformed at our Rowville, Victoria factory. See it in action here.

Here are the staff in Melbourne having a bit of fun (pre-COVID-19 of course): Gitup Dance and Sound of Easter.

COVID-19 Update

Hurray, both of our factory outlets have now reopened!

COVID-19 restrictions still apply so please maintain social distancing.

As we have been closed for a while, we have some great bargains to enjoy.

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